Pasture-Raised Chickens, Turkeys, and More

Pastured Chickens and turkeys

From Debbie:

"I thought I would never again enjoy the wonderful flavors of chicken that I recalled from my childhood. Thank goodness I was wrong. The flavor and quality I get from your chickens, not to mention the superior nutritional value from the way they are fed and raised, is second to none. I have been concerned about my family's health when having to settle for so much of the food found in stores nowadays. As a result I have searched a long time, locally and online, to find this kind of quality and consider you a real treasure. To be able to find sources of food that I know will contribute to the good health of my family is invaluable. Thank you and your family for providing mine with a choice!"

We raise our chickens and turkeys on pasture in small batches which gives them plenty of room to stretch their wings as they peck the ground searching for bugs and worms. We are located just a few miles outside of Snohomish, Washington. We take pride in providing our customers with exceptional  poultry and meat.

What sets our birds apart? Their incredible TASTE! They have been raised on lush, fresh grass and are free to roam within large, fenced (to keep the coyotes out) areas eating all the bugs, worms, and grubs they can find! This freedom combined with the magic of sunshineand fresh air creates some of the tastiest chickens and turkeys you will ever have. As Shawndra likes to say ... our birds taste just like chicken, only chicken-ier! 

Order today, and try some for yourself!