Pasture-Raised Chickens, Turkeys, and More

From John:

"We ate the 16 lb turkey for Thanksgiving, a table for 9. It was probably the most expensive turkey I've ever cooked, BUT it was the best I've ever eaten. All those at our table agreed. We ate it for the next three days following and it was still moist and tender. I don't like breasts as they are usually dry and tasteless, but these were excellent. I made soup from the carcass and again it was a winner. We look forward to cooking the 13 lb for Christmas. Thanks and a good job!"

From Gena:

"I just love making fried chicken with your chickens. I have been frying it in grass-fed lard. Oh man, so good! I could never go back to sick, non-real chicken again! Thank you!"

From Kimberlee:

"I loved the chicken, it was perfect - seriously the best I have ever had. Great job Johnson family!"

Chickens and turkeys